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State of the disUnion Address : The Scapegoats Are Coming!

Sometimes I wonder if Trump knows the truth but is purposely lying to push his fascist agenda or if he is truly stupid and ignorant of how our own government works. 
I’m not going to nitpick on all the bullshit that came out of his mouth during his speech. But I’ll discuss the Visa Lottery and MS 13 because as we know, all immigrants can just zip right into America on Uncle Sam’s dime, then join MS13 and murder people.


Death Threat Against CNN reporters: Trump Complicit OR Another Mass Shooting: Trump Complicit – Choose your story because I can’t keep up anymore.

I can’t keep up with the news anymore. And due to the information overload, my brain doesn’t even have time to process and organize the information it receives yet alone write about it.  It’s getting harder to get information straight. And since it is getting harder to keep track of information, it is harder to keep those in power accountable. 

At exactly the same time that I was on CNN’s website reading the “Breaking News” article about a right wing Trump supporting terrorist  fanatic who made death threats against reporters, ANOTHER breaking news story popped up on top of the page. about a Kentucky school shooting resulting in the deaths of 2 students and 18 injuries. Don’t forget to send your fucking thoughts and prayers because now is not the time to talk about this either. And tomorrow, we’ll already forget about it.