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NATO is dead as is our leadership.

With each passing day I see even more how utterly weak our leadership is. If Biden can’t rally our allies to make the correct decisions, he is completely useless. …… We just gave the go ahead to not only Russia, but N. Korea, China, and other terrorist regimes that they can do with the world as they please as long as they wave their nuclear arms in the air and make threats. ……Mutually assured destruction belongs in the 20th century. It does not work anymore. It is an outdated tactic!……..Mark my words. Eventually Poland or one of the NATO countries will be attacked and NATO won’t even come to defend its own NATO alliance. ………NATO has shown the world that countries need to arm themselves more. More nukes. If you are a terrorist dictatorship, arm yourself with nukes. That way NATO won’t touch you. If you are a peaceful country, arm yourself with nukes because you can’t rely on NATO to defend you and the only thing terrorist regimes understand is force. Good fucking job morons. I feel safer already…… I wish nukes never existed. But we have to live in a reality that exists. 20th century mutually assured destruction tactics do not work.

Ukrainian blood is on our hands

History will not only judge Russia but U.S. and Nato. Just like in WWII when we sat by until the last minute while Germany launched a campaign to take over Europe, we again sit on the sideline offering moral support, ineffective sanctions, supplies but refuse to send troops, air raids or even so much as set up a no-fly zone under the premise that this would “escalate” a conflict or start WWIII.

We have to make it clear to terrorist nations that having nukes does not offer you an automatic protection to “do what you will” to the rest of the world. You cannot hold the world hostage by simply being in possession of nuclear weapons. And if that means we have to risk a nuclear conflict, that is the risk and sacrifice we must make.

The Attack On Our Capitol – The Truth Revealed

I wanted to address the attacks on our capital building. Many have blamed this on the patriotic Trump supporters but there is something even more insidious going on here. The honorable, honest, and only news source worth listening to aside from (OAN, Parlor, and the 60 year old man across the street who keeps yelling at the nonexistent teens to get of his porch) Fox news has pointed out the real culprit behind this attack. As has many brave Trump supporters. It turns out that this was a planned attack masterminded by the terrorist organizations Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matters). Actually, it is a little known fact, but our entire history is full of atrocities committed by Antifa and BLM. Is there no limit to their evilness? For the first time ever, I provide evidence below.