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The Attack On Our Capitol – The Truth Revealed

I wanted to address the attacks on our capital building. Many have blamed this on the patriotic Trump supporters but there is something even more insidious going on here. The honorable, honest, and only news source worth listening to aside from (OAN, Parlor, and the 60 year old man across the street who keeps yelling at the nonexistent teens to get of his porch) Fox news has pointed out the real culprit behind this attack. As has many brave Trump supporters. It turns out that this was a planned attack masterminded by the terrorist organizations Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matters). Actually, it is a little known fact, but our entire history is full of atrocities committed by Antifa and BLM. Is there no limit to their evilness? For the first time ever, I provide evidence below.

Trump Supporting Fascists Will Not Be In My Life

The basic tenets of democracy are something I hold very dear to my heart. I take great offense at anyone who attacks them. I take great offense at anyone who does not respect basic human rights and refuses to recognize that any attacks on LGBTQ, gender, racial or ethnic groups is an attack on ALL human rights.

But think for a moment. How close we came. How close we came to becoming the next Nazi Germany. How simple it was to just abandon our democratic values, plummet into fanaticism endangering ourselves and the rest of the world. How willing we were to just become a totalitarian fascist regime. How close we came. And how close we may still yet come in the years to follow.