Sometimes I Use Words I Don’t Fully Understand So I Can “Freedom!”

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My family came here over 40 years ago as immigrants. I was 5 months old when I arrived so America is the only home I know. I was always a patriot of the U.S. and loved America despite its flaws. It has been my home. I’ve had a deep adoration of our constitution, our checks and balance system, our principles, and could never look at our Statue of Liberty without getting teary eyed. This country probably has meant more to me than most native-born people living here. I know it meant more to my family who put their blood into the U.S., which makes me very happy that my father is already dead. He did not live long enough to see this day as it would have broken his heart to see what happened to the U.S. I will never be a patriot again. I cannot love this country again no matter what happens. I have completely lost my love and faith in the U.S. And this is regardless of who sits in office.

My take on the status of U.S is as follows – this country is finished. Even if we take back the white house and congress, it is pointless.

We could in theory impeach Trump, take back congress, even elect a reasonable leadership. It won’t matter. This country is lost. Trump isn’t the cause of this. He is a symptom of this country’s infection. The U.S. is rotten to the core. You can get rid of him. You can elect new officials but you can’t get rid of the millions of ignorant Americans voting against their interest who continue breeding that make up nearly half of our country.

At some point, probably near the Reagan era, someone convinced them that America is the greatest in the world. They started believing this bullshit. Beating their chests and waving American flags. These people stopped fighting for progress and became convinced of their own superiority. The elites convinced them of their own delusion. And the more they believed it, the more delusional they became.

“America is the greatest country in the world. You don’t like it? GET OUT!” They would mutter, as they voted away their health care, their benefits, their civil rights, social programs and liberties a) so that the top 2 % wealthy could get a tax increase and so the NRA could earn a profit while children were being murdered in school. Still poor people with barely a penny in their pockets continued to support the wealthiest 2%, the most corrupt in the name of freedom. “Freedom”. A stupid, meaningless word that they know nothing about which is used to inspire blind patriotism but has no actual substance behind it. You just shout “Freedom!” at them and they shout it back at you like fucking parrots. People who never lived in an oppressive regime before would regurgitate this word without knowing what it means.

“We can’t let them take our freedom away!” “That would be communism.”  “FREEDOM! We want Freedom.” This was the con. This con was proliferated by the Reagan era and continues till this day. It is rather simple really:

  1. Convince the majority of the country that the 2% wealthiest screwing you over are actually doing so in your interest.
  2. Call this concept, “Freedom.”
  3. Accuse anyone challenging this of being an unamerican, unpatriotic, communist.

And you know what? It worked. You are free. Free to have a choice. But what is this freedom that you really have? Freedom to starve to death in the streets. Freedom for health care to be a for profit commodity where you are “free” to choose between paying to feed your child or paying to get emergency care for your child. Freedom for companies to operate unregulated and pour garbage down our streams and poison us. Freedom for mentally ill people to buy and sell weapons with no regulations. Freedom to have school shootings every few weeks. All this to provide some tax cuts and increase the profit margins for the disproportionate wealthiest few so the rest can suffer miserably. And those that suffer place and support them. All in the name of “Freedom.”

Fact is, from an industrialized perspective, we live in one of the worst countries in the world. More than half our citizens are either ignorant of this or happy about it. They are delusional. They are convinced that this country is great. They believe that if we are disliked by other countries, it is because everyone else is jealous of us. Jealous? Jealous of what?! We are the laughing stock of practically EVERY DEVELOPED DEMOCRATIC NATION! We are either the target of laughter, scorn or pity of developed western countries. They beat us in education (which in many developed nations is free or very affordable), healthcare (which is universal and gov’t funded in practically all developed nations), lower crime rate, and often times even technological advancements. And the metric system is vastly superior too. Why the fuck don’t we use the metric system?! The only countries we are better than are shit hole third world developing nations or totalitarian regimes, like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma and every former soviet country. But give us a few years and we’ll be there too.

Make no mistake we ARE a 3rd world nation. We’re just disguised as 1st world. But ask any American struggling to pay for basic care on minimum wage whether this is even considered a “livable” income for them. Ask a gay couple who is being ostracized in the name of “religious freedom”. Or a woman who is being treated as a pre-existing condition according to state rights because the states have their “freedom”. Ask a black family who must listen to white activists in the south shout repeatedly “Go back to Africa” while statues of confederate pro slavery soldiers are being removed. Do we need to remind these activists who brought them from Africa to begin with? Ask a senior citizen who must choose between eating cat food, paying electric bill, or paying for their medication. Ask someone who has been putting off getting their physical for 3 years until their condition is now either untreatable or they need advanced emergency care (which they can’t pay for anyway) because they couldn’t afford to go to a doctor. Ask a mother who must bury her child after another school shooting while congress does nothing but help the NRA line their pockets with more gold while half the Americans continue supporting them all in the name of “Freedom.”

Ask them if they believe they are living in a 1st world country. And compare us to PRACTICALLY EVERY OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED WESTERN NATION. Then tell me A) If we’re the greatest country in the world and B) If America really stands for freedom.


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