Never a Box Around When You Need One

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You ever notice how when don’t need a box, there are dozens lying around your home? But as soon as you throw them away, you need a box the next day.? I had dozens of boxes all sizes. I was hoarding them in case I need to send something but the place was starting to look like a warehouse so I threw them out recently. Now, I wanted to send a Christmas gift to a child with cancer I read about on the news. I got the gift and wrapped it up. Now, no box. I have padded envelopes but they won’t fit the ornament and I worried it will break. I even tried cutting up a shoe box to make a homemade box for the ornament but just made a mess.

So I said fuck it. I went to post office this morning figuring that I will just buy a box there , place the gift  in the new box and mail at the post office. When I got to the post office, it had various assortment of boxes but NOTHING that fit the gift.  All the boxes were either too tiny or too enormous. I wish I had one like those small amazon packages I get sometimes. But unfortunately, I threw them out recently.  The Post office had nothing that would fit.

So I just bit the bullet and purchased a hard padded envelope at the post office, stuffed the gift in and sent it priority mail. I hoped for the best that it wouldn’t get smooshed. I Couldn’t even get the box I needed for the size at the damn post office.

So, as I return home and am coming up the stairs, a delivery guy from amazon is going in the same direction right into my unit. We look at each other and he called out my name  asking if this is my unit number. I said it it. He told me “this delivery is for you.”

He is holding the perfect box for me. I’m thinking “oh FUCK ME!” Of course now I don’t  need it anymore asshole! Where the hell were you 20 minutes ago?!

Oh well, I’ll just throw it out. What are the chances that I’m going to need a box again anytime soon?20171121_114353


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