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My wife moved to the U.S. over 19 years ago. She is originally from Azerbaijan, a former Soviet country located in the South Caucasus between southwest Asia and southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, and Turkey. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Azerbaijan…..don’t.



Did you know there are people still alive today who were born in the 1800’s?



In 1800’s? What? They are 115 years old?!



Yeah. I just read about it. Two women. Oldest in the world. 115 years old. One from Italy. One from Brooklyn. My hometown.



Wonder what she eats.



Anything she wants. Pretty unhealthy. Long lived due to genetics mostly.>




You know, it’s crazy. 115 years old. Born in 1899. Imagine that. When she was alive, she saw the first automobile. There were no cars! No modern medicine or antibiotics. Electricity, even though it already existed was a luxury. It was a commodity that very few people had at that time! Can you imagine that?



I don’t have to. I lived it. Sounds like Azerbaijan early to mid 90’s.


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