Apology in a Galaxy Far Far Away – Ethan’s World

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Ethan hands me a drawing to apologize for the fight we had the night before where I yelled at him. He wrote “I’m sorry Dad. Let’s be friends again.”
On the top of the drawing, It says “I am your father.” Below there is picture of Luke shooting Darth Vader.
Below that is another drawing of Luke trying to hit Vader with a light saber.)



Here Dad. Sorry about last night. This is a present for you.



What is this?



For you Dad. To say sorry about the fight we had last night. Also that I love you.
You’re the best daddy ever! I still love you.
This is a Star Wars picture I drew for you.



Ethan, this is a picture of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.




Yeah. Vader was Luke’s Dad. Just like you’re my dad.




But Ethan, Darth Vader was a monster who murdered millions of people.







Um….Ethan, your picture has Luke Skywalker killing his father, Darth Vader.




Yeah. I know. I love you dad. Enjoy your present.


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