Party Bus On New Year’s Eve- Ethan’s World

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(Driving on New Year’s Eve)



Hey. it says “Party Bus” on the back of that bus in front of us. What does party bus mean?



Well, the bus may carry party supplies. So it may carry balloons, pies, and other things. Clowns may ride in the bus to get to parties.



The bus may have parties right there too.



I thought they maybe have a party on the bus.



That too. They may have clowns and cake on the bus.



Oh.  I thought they would have drinks, jacuzzis and hot tubs on the bus.



Ethan, you never fail to provide me with material for Ethan’s world.  If I ever publish a book, I’ll make bank.




You get 20%, I get 80%.




Deal, you get 80% of your allowance.




No. I get 80% percent of sales.




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