That “Limited Time” Sale That Never Goes Away

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(Jan 2)


Let’s buy that electric range stove from Lowes.









What is the rush?



We  were going to buy it in February. But they are having a big sale. 



Holy shit. It is a special New Year Sale! And it only lasts through tomorrow. If we don’t get it now, the sale will end and it will be higher after tomorrow Jan 3rd.


They will have other sales.  We shouldn’t rush.




(Sigh…. chicks)




You don’t get it. No there won’t be another sale this soon. We were planning on buying it next month. This sale is ending after tomorrow.  What is the difference if I buy it now or a month from now? I can buy it next month for 1699 full price or this month for 1199 during their limited New Year Sale. That is a 500.00 savings!  Trust me, I know what I’m doing. I understand these things!




Wife: Ok. Do whatever you want. You’re gonna do it anyway.



 (Makes purchase and schedule delivery)

YES! Just in the nick of time. I scooped up the sale of the Near Year limited time only sale of the century! Rudy, you genius, you’ve done it again.


( Two days later.  Jan 4. Day after sale has ended)




Suppose I should go to Lowes website and see how much the electric stove is now at full price since the limited time New Year sale is over. Poor suckers. Feel sorry for all those people who missed this deal by one day.  Hmmm.. Just as expected “New Year Sale is gone.” Looks like I snapped it up just in time. So what is the price now? Hmmm.




Hmmm.. price of the stove isn’t listed anymore. Guess it is so expensive that they can’t even list the full price. Apparently, you have to put it in the cart to see what the cost is now.  Good thing I got it at 1199.00 during the limited time New Year sale as opposed to the full price of 1699 which is what all suckers will paying for it now that this sale is over.  Good thing I got it before 01/03. As they say. Early bird catches the worm.  Stupid wife telling me there will be other sales.  Women. What do they know?  So what is the price now?




lowes price






anger-inside-outstock-vector-angry-and-exasperated-employee-487174441OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






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