Dinosaurs, Women, UFC, and Trump – Ethan’s World

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Were dinosaurs related to lizards?


Paleontologists actually believe they were more related to birds.


Really? When did T-Rex live?


T-Rex lived about 65 million years ago, during Cretaceous period. This was towards the end of the dinosaur era.


Did T-Rex have children?



Yeah. Actually after having sex, the female T-Rex would growl at the male T-Rex and threaten to kill him.


Really? Why?!



The woman no longer needed the man after mating. So after they had sex and she got pregnant, she’d throw him out of bed. If he didn’t go, she would kill the male T-Rex.



Wow. Cruel.



Yeah. The women were actually a lot more vicious then the men.



Wow. Just like UFC !


Later that evening.



I walk into Ethan’s bedroom to see Ethan on our bed with his toys.  He has a toy dinosaur in his hand waving it around. He’s waving the big dinosaur at all the other little toys in a menacing fashion.




(Ethan holding dinosaur toy, threatening all surrounding toys)

Hahahahaha! Now I am the king leader of all you fools! Donald Trump! King of this volcano!  Get  ’em out of here!


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