The Shower Killer – Ethan’s World

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My neurotic son is always scared to shower. So while in the shower, he gets startled over nothing and starts screaming. I don’t know what he thinks he sees. To remedy this, he tries to talk to me or his mom while he’s in the shower. He’ll yell at us from the shower while we’re in the living room. He’ll start saying “Dad, Mom, how was your day? Um… What did you do? You know what happened to me today?… etc.” Just random bullshit to distract him from his fears. It is honestly really annoying.

So recently when he was frightened to shower on his own and needed me to talk to him while he was in the shower my natural fatherly instincts kicked in. I did everything I could to ensure him that he is safe and warm while I stood right next to him, coddling him and patiently waiting while he finished showering.  … ….




Instead I did this…….
(Ethan in the shower yelling at me while I’m sitting in the living room.)

(From the shower)  Ahhhh!  Daddy? Daddy?! DADDY! DADDY!!




(From the shower)  Um.. you know what happened to me today? You know who came to class and who I met?


sigh… who?



(From the shower)  A lawyer. Isn’t that cool? Daddy?!  Isn’t that cool? We had a visit from a lawyer.



What kind of lawyer?



(From the shower) I don’t know.


Is it the kind of lawyer who died during his last case and now his ghost goes around murdering children while they are in the shower?



(From the shower) …..Stop dad.  Aaah.. Stop. You’re kidding, right?



Yeah…I uh… ugh……..(muffled sound) hmph……



(From the shower) Daddy?….  Daddy?…..  DADDY?!!!!





(From the shower)  DADDY!!!!





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