Talking to Grandpa vs Quality TV Time. Choice Is Obvious.- Ethan’s World

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Ethan, I’m gonna talk to your grandpa on Skype. I want you to talk to him this time. I’ll translate for you.  He wants to see you. He’s all the way in Russia and you never want to see or talk to him.




You won’t talk to grandpa?




(Playing sympathy card)   Imagine how he must feel. How would you like it if you were living somewhere far, far, away and you wanted to see your only grandson. But he never wanted to see or speak to you. Wouldn’t that make you sad? Wouldn’t you want him to see you??

(Hoping this guilt trip will work)


NO! No I wouldn’t.  I wouldn’t want to see my grandson. I’d want him to stay as far away from me as possible. Because if my grandson was like that, he wouldn’t deserve to see me anyway.

(Goes back to watching TV)


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