Culberson Your Days Are Numbered (or…Don’t Bother Wife When She’s Chewing Out Culberson’s Press Aide)

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Meet John Culberson. US Republican Congressman of district 7 here in Houston. Overall douchebag who has ignored his constituents and avoided countless town hall meetings to host events for republican women. We’re gonna send his ass packing come midterm elections.

Last year,  Culberson has been dodging requests for a town hall for two months. He finally held one on 03/24/2017. For weeks prior to that, his constituents were complaining that he was deleting their questions from his Facebook page when the questions were about his policies and voting record with which constituents disagreed.

During that time, apparently, he completely closed off his Facebook page to public comments (you have to “friend” him first – strange for an elected official, isn’t it?), obviously in an effort to avoid further “inconvenient” questions or any contacts with people he does not personally know and approve of.

Democrats in our district have launched protests against Culberson in an attempt to get his attention and shame him into listening to his constituents. During that time, republican Culberson supporters were notified by pamphlets and social media that we are “fake paid protesters” paid by George Soros.

Clearly this made perfect sense because, you know,  obviously only  paid protesters would rally against a republican congressman who has been in a seat for nearly 20 years, representing a democratic district largely due to gerrymandering. And only paid protesters would have a problem with a man who consistently voted to outlaw abortion, eliminate funding for public educational broadcasting, ban family planning, prohibit funding for planned parenthood, voted to repeal the affordable health care act, voted against the violence against women act (because violence against women isn’t something that we should be concerned about),  voted no on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation, supported federally banning same sex marriage, supported making the patriot act permanent, anti gay, anti civil rights, anti free speech, require school prayers. And my personal favorite, allow people with mental illness to purchase guns (because the only thing that stops a bad mentally disturbed individual with a gun is a good mentally disturbed individual with a gun. ) The list just goes on and on and on.

Clearly no sane democrat would ever protest against this “wonderful” gerrymandered representative living in our largely democratic district unless that person was paid by George Soros.




Fortunately for us, the republicans were too smart to fall for such nonsense. They immediately recognized that the protesters had legitimate grievances and good reason to be angry over a representative who not only failed to represent his district but ignored them and refused to even have a town hall meeting to listen to their concerns.  The republicans  saw this pamphlet claiming that the democratic protesters were “fake supporters” paid by George Soros for what it was.  A propaganda campaign filled with lies to bait the republicans into intimidating the democrats and preventing them from protesting. The republicans learned from the fake misinformation campaign launched by Russia during our elections and they refused to be mislead again……….







The Culberson supporters from the republican party immediately launched a counter protest going as far as showing up with guns to intimidate democratic supporters (2nd amendment + open carry. What a great combination)


Anyway,  Culberson’s March 24th town hall was scheduled in a middle school auditorium with a seating capacity of 700 (too few seats for a place like Houston), so at least as many of us were left outside when the seating capacity was reached. Approximately 500 of us were left standing in the street.

Even worse, Culberson directed the police officers and his staffers to not let us in even after about 30 seats were vacated in the auditorium by the attendees who left earlier. Culberson made everyone show their IDs to confirm that they are from his district. (Even though we were from his district, after showing an ID, my wife and I were initially accused of being outside the district by his staff).

He issued a statement in advance saying he would not allow anyone from another district inside and would not allow any signs or banners. He said to submit written questions that would be randomly selected.

Culberson had this seat since 2001 but we are determined to unseat him now. His policies and his voting record do not represent our district which voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016.  We will be voting James Cargas for U.S. congress (   ) for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.



And now on the lighter side of things…….

Never Bother Your Wife When She’s Chewing Out Culberson’s Press Aid

(Few days after town hall fiasco…)



Hey. That steak in the pan. Can I have it?


Marianna Culberson protest
(Head not lifting up from her laptop.)

I’m chewing out Culberson’s press aide. Leave me alone.



(Walks away quietly).









Please don’t hold James Cargas (running for U.S. congress) responsible for any of the controversial stuff I post.  And not that he did anything wrong, and we are his supporters , but for future reference just in case… this goes both ways.

Cargas 2018

Ethan and Representative Candidate James Cargas


P.S.  George Soros did not pay me.


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