You Are So Lucky I Give You the Privilege of Reading My Blog!

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I’m a new blogger. I’ve only been doing this for less than a month.  It has been an interesting experience. If you are reading this, what an honor it is for you to stumble upon my blog and get the chance to actually read it.  And for those who follow me, I have this to say.  You are so lucky that I gave you the privilege of following me.

As a new blogger I may not have a huge following but for those of you who take the time out of your busy day to read what I have to write,  I want to say “you’re welcome.”


But since I started blogging I’ve noticed that I get a modest yet  various assortment of visitors and followers.  I also noticed a number of visitors and followers from countries outside the U.S.   I never even realized there was an “Outside the U.S.” before.  So even more so, what a privilege it must be….. for you to stumble upon my blog and hear the words of a True American.

Just looking at my visitor locations, I’ve received people from UK, Australia, Russians (who I’ve never met and don’t recall ever meeting or communicating with and you can’t prove that I ever did), India, and even one of the largest countries –  Africa.


And to those of you who have visited me, I just wanted to say,  what the hell?!


Why do I keep getting visitors and followers from these shithole countries??!! I don’t want you!

Why can’t I get people from Norway instead. I want people from Norway to read my blog!

Bring Me Norwegians NOW!!






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