If You’re Gonna Be A Cunt, At Least Don’t Be A Passive Aggressive Cunt

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If there is one thing I hate more than a cunt, it is a passive aggressive cunt. Don’t be passive aggressive. Just be aggressive.  “Be aggressive. B-E aggressive.  B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E..”

Anyway, you’ll never find me being passive aggressive. Cynical? Sure.  Sarcastic?  That’s my thing!  Crude? Absofuckinglutely.  Rude?  Bitch, have you seen my Avatar?  But at least it has a middle finger for a reason.  That way you know when I’m saying “Go fuck yourself”, at least you know I really mean it. Unless I’m being sarcastic in which case I  really mean “I love you.” But I’ll leave that up to you to figure out.


rudeboy_OZ middle finger icon


What I don’t do, is say ” I wish you well” with a passive aggressive angry smile at the end.  So at least with me, you know where you stand.


You hate gay people?  Fine, dickhead. Just say , I hate fags. You support other backwards, ignorant policies and stand with filth? Are you a religious fanatic who thinks the entire world should be forced to adhere to your ideology at the expense of their civil rights? Then just say so and point yourself out bravely. I’m not saying I’ll love you for it, but at least this way, I’ll know who to spit on when I walk past you.

But don’t give me that passive aggressive “cunty” bullshit telling me how happy you are, how you’ll pray for me, or how you wish me well. Of course, all topped with an “Angry smile at the end. 😀

I can smile like that too. See?



I’m smiling. Can’t you just sense the love and warmth protruding through that smile of mine?

Next time some passive aggressive asshole says “I forgive you”,  “I love you anyway”, or (and this is my favorite),  “I’ll pray for you”, just say “Yeah. Fuck you too.”

Then kick them in the crotch. That way you’re being “active aggressive” instead of passive aggressive.  And you know, they always say you should be more proactive.


My most recent example can be displayed below with a gay hating (or passively aggressive gay “loving”) Christian right wing extremist nut.  She doesn’t “believe” in homosexuality because apparently reality really cares about what she personally believes in. As though this disbelief renders them somehow non-existent.

(I wish I could “not believe”  in passive aggressive assholes  And yet, hark, there they be.)


I decided to remove names  and identifier marks from the facebook message and edited the photos for anonymity purposes.  Mostly, I don’t need people messaging me on facebook or attempting to “friend me”. Other than name and identifier removal, her comment and my response is completely unchanged.  And yes, in case anyone asks, her real name is “Dumb Cunt.”  What a coincidence. I didn’t have to modify that at all.


Passive Aggressive Cunt



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