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Little article from New York Times:


In light of a story accusing Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct that went viral, our podcast “The Daily” would like to hear from women and men who are reconsidering past sexual encounters in the midst of the #MeToo movement.

“The Daily” wants to hear your story of a specific, complicated sexual experience that you now find yourself re-evaluating. Tell us what happened and why you’re reconsidering it.

If you’re able, call us at 646-598-6012 and leave a voicemail with your full name and your story. You can also record a message on your phone’s voice memo app, and email it to thedailymemos@nytimes.com.

Please note that we may use your voice message in an episode of The Daily podcast. A Times reporter or editor may contact you to get more information.




Well now, that’s just fucking perfect isn’t it? It’s about time!  I’m ecstatic that they are doing this. I will definitely be calling in. Now just hold on,  “The Daily”.  I  first need to  compile a list of people a) I don’t like  b) political opponents  c) embarrassing encounters and dates that I now regret,  and d) oh there was that incident when an old college buddy of mine grabbed my ass as a joke. I laughed because I thought it was funny back then and I hugged him and said “hey sexy.” At that time I thought it was funny and a total hoot. But now that I’m older I’m afraid people will accuse me of being gay. So I want to reclassify this as sexual assault. #metoo   #mefuckingtoo


I’ll write more about how this originally noble movement against sexual assault that has been  itself assaulted by extremists who have now turned it into a fucking joke when I have some more time. For now, I just wanted to write this short blurb expressing my disgust.








  1. I’m right there with you, I find this whole movement horrific and it has become a witch hunt. Most women think this is such a great little movement but I don’t think they have thought through what will happen when they get everything they want. No man in the world will be brave enough to even ask them out on dates or speak to a woman none the less have sex with them. This movement is getting to the point where it is becoming very scary and it is actually taking the power away from women if you ask me. I am pretty little at barely five foot but if and when men try things with me, I can take care of myself without “metoo” this movement is putting all the blame on men and it is just disgusting.

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    1. I think this blog may have unintentionally backfired. It got reblogged. But when it got reblogged, the second half got cut off as typically happens with option to go to original site to read full blog (people never do). So when reading the reblog, all you see is the first half which is just a repost of the stupid NYT article without my comment at the bottom about how much I’m AGAINST the current #metoo movement. Since most people these days are too lazy to click on a button (read the rest) or just look at the title #meetoo , (we are a click and share culture afterall). I get a bunch of likes and follows from people who probably completely missed the point, didn’t bother reading or completely disagree with what I wrote to begin with. 😛


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