Volunteering at Climate Change Forum – Ethan’s World

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(Yesterday 01/27/2018 At a Democratic environmental forum in Houston, sponsored by the  Climate and Environmental Racism Committee – CERC)

Ethan and I are both sitting at our seats at the forum watching the democratic congressional candidates discussing climate change. They are all attempting to replace useless waste of carbon based life, Republican Re representative John Culberson.  Representative Beto O’Rourke who will be running against Senator Ted Cruz also spoke at the event.)




Where did mommy go?



She went to the James Cargas table to volunteer. He is the Democratic candidate running for congress against John Culberson.  So she is volunteering at Cargas’s table.



When is she coming back.



The truth is Ethan, mommy is never coming back. She is a volunteer. That means that once she is finished and outlives her usefulness, she goes to the volunteer extermination chamber where she is zapped and her life force is extinguished. It is a quick and painless process.



NO! Maybe she can run away.



No Ethan. There is no place to run. Once they get a hold of you as a volunteer, you are finished. You serve and then when you are finished volunteering….. into the extermination booth.



You’ll stay here with me?



Actually, I’m next. See that badge on my chest? Once they are done with mommy, I will be called up next to to take her place and then when I am done, I too will go where all volunteers go to die.



NO! I’m not letting that happen. Not staying here alone!



You won’t. You see that name tag on your chest? You’ve been marked son. You’ll be joining us soon.









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