Check Yourself Before You Text Yourself

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When you are about to text someone please make sure you’ve got the correct number before you text. I’ve had multiple instances where individuals kept texting me not realizing that they got the wrong guy.



Some random person texts me: “Hello family and friends, we are giving Dad a 90th birthday party. RSVP with number attending please. Date: etc., etc., etc. If you can’t come, email Kathy, etc., etc. Subject: FWD – BRIEF words of thanks and we will read to him that day. Have a blessed day! KSG.”

Clearly this person texted the wrong guy. I don’t know who she is. So, hoping this stranger gets the hint, I reply, “AWESOME! What kind of food will be served?”  I figured she will finally realize her error and now leave me alone or type “Sorry. hehehe. wrong number.” Instead, she responds ” Don’t know yet but the food will be great.”

I let it go. A few days later, I get another message from her. ” OK, Dad and 4 more.”  I ignore it.  Then another message “TY, have a blessed day!! KSG.”

Apparently, I have been RSVP’d for “Dad’s birthday party.” I wonder if I should have just showed up? She promised me good food after all.



Sitting at home one evening I get a message.  “Dude wadup?!”    I ignore it.   I get another message.  “Dude, bro, wadup man?”   I ignore it.   Again I get a text  “So dude, where can I score some weed?”   I got fed up so I gave him the address to the nearest police station.



For months and month on end, kept getting texts from some manager of a construction firm. “Ok. Come on. Break is over guys. Get back to work. We have the next shift starting.”  “Where are the damn project schematics I ordered, etc?”  I let it go the first 5 or 6 times. Then I asked, please stop. I don’t work for you. You got me confused with one of your staff.  The texts proceeded. So I asked “not so nicely” for the dipshit to stop texting me.

Apparently, the manager thinks it’s a bright idea to start cussing me out via text, calling me an asshole and telling me to go fuck myself.  Because you know, when you are texting the wrong number as a manager  whose company name is on the text message, it is always a good rule of thumb to cuss people out on record. It’s not like anyone would ever contact the organization and complain about you.


4.  Sender: “Can I get the number for Alice?”

Me:  Ignored.   

Sender: Hey. Send me Alice’s office number. I need to speak with her.”

Me:   “Wrong number.”

Sender: ” Text me Alice’s office number so I can call her and set up a meeting.”

Me:  “Ok.  Here is her number.”  (gives number for phone sex line).

Sender:  “Thanks a lot! I’ll give her a call.”

I eventually felt bad  and texted saying “Don’t call. It’s a sex phone line. Again, you’ve got the wrong number.”

So the sender either finally took my advice or had a really good time.












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