State of the disUnion Address : The Scapegoats Are Coming!

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I’m too tired to post a full coherent blog regarding the State of The disUnion address.  Then again, when have any of my disjointed ramblings ever sounded very coherent?

But wow, what a crowd eh? I’m talking huuuuge. Tremendous. Bigly!

I hear it’s the longest State of the Union speech in history.  And you know what they say about presidents with long State of the Union speeches.  😉  …….

uh… They become fascist dictators who undermine the democratic process, collude with foreign powers and dismantle our country under our noses while their supporters sit idly by and support them.

Sometimes I wonder if Trump knows the truth but is purposely lying to push his fascist agenda or if he is truly stupid and ignorant of how our own government works.

I’m not going to nitpick on all the bullshit that came out of his mouth during his speech. The refusal to even mention Russia, Mueller, the scapegoating, the using of victimized families to falsify information.

Is fact checking trump even necessary anymore? Fact checking trump is likely to make your head explode. It is much easier to simply take the default stance and assume that everything Trump says is utter bullshit until proven otherwise. Less work, more accurate, and much quicker.

You can fact check all of this garbage which is currently being done by any reputable journalist. New York Times is doing an excellent job of this. I’m not here to provide you with the news. That is their job. Or perhaps you may just have enough common sense to realize how utterly ridiculous his statements are.

But let’s be honest here, the average American does not corroborate anything. The average American does not even comprehend the idea of “facts’ yet alone bother to fact check.  And if facts challenge their beliefs, they simply adjust the facts to conform to their beliefs rather than adjust their beliefs to conform to the facts. Data be damned.

The truth is, the average American is a moron.

If you aren’t a complete fucking moron than you are either:

A) reading this from a foreign country in which case you can’t really help us as you sit idly by while our country gets destroyed wondering if you are next or how bad the fallout will be.

B) The few people who read and respect data.


C) Are definitely not a part of Trump’s base.


Immigration Is Easy. But then Again, so is Murder.

Trump makes it sound all so simple and nicely prepackaged though doesn’t he?  Immigration to the U.S. is very easy. Immigrants just win the lottery, zip right into the U.S. on Uncle Sam’s dime, and bring all 100 members of their extended family. Then after a brief family reunion, it’s off to MS13 where the murder spree begins.


The Visa Lottery

One example of Trump’s asinine statement and something he consistently lies about is the infamous U.S. Visa Lottery.

His flat-out lies about how “foreigners” simply get a visa by sheer luck through names drawn out of a fishbowl.  (He stated previously they pick them from a bin and draw them randomly like someone would out of a hat.)  How there are no security standards and people just get a lucky number, move to the U.S., and once inside can simply have all their extended family members follow along without any problems. All of course which are paid for on the govt’s dime.

The truth is quite the opposite. It is very difficult to immigrate to the U.S. This is true even with the diversity lottery. The line is long, places are limited. You must undergo a rigorous background check. You are not eligible for gov’t assistance programs for a number of years which most Americans are eligible for. Furthermore, extended family members are not eligible for a family Visa. Young children and spouses are eligible.  And no, you can’t live off Uncle Sam’s assistance.

My wife and I considered sending a Visa for her father who is living alone in Russia.  This should be relatively easy considering that Russia is now our ruling authoritarian body from across the sea. So technically isn’t it like a “domestic move” now? Alas, we were not able to do so. Even though her father faces hardship due to his ethnicity and other issues in his home, we can’t bring him over.

While the U.S. does allow us to send him a Visa considering that both my wife and I are U.S. citizens and have lived in the U.S. for many years, the U.S. will not pay for any care on his behalf.  This includes medicare or medicaid. Healthcare is very expensive here. So while we would take care of him, if he had a heart attack or became ill, he would be left to die on the street or we would go into great debt.  Now hypothetically, if my wife wanted to send for her cousins, brothers/sisters, other relatives, she wouldn’t be able to. They would not qualify for a visa at all. Trump lied when he said that “under our broken system an immigrant can bring virtually anybody with him.”   But do you think his user base knows that? Do they care? Do they fact check him? Do they even know what a “fact” is?

So no, Trump and all you fucking ignorant, uneducated, idiot Trump supporting, bigoted,  ethnocentric sycophants.  An immigrant can’t just win the lotto, move to the U.S. on the govt’s dime and call for all 20 members of his family to follow him while your tax dollars pay for their livelihood.

But do  you know who does pay taxes? My immigrant wife. She’s been working here for many years in public service, grant administration, and operations management in non-profit healthcare and paid more than her fair share of service and taxes to the U.S. government.

All this just so some deplorable piece of shit can falsely worry that their tax dollars will pay to support 30 members of her imaginary family,  when she can’t even bring her single father here. A scenario that only exists  in their racist, delusional imaginary world where they are the victim of immigrant oppression.


Every Immigrant is in MS13 

Another example is the constant and incessantly annoying referral to MS13. Holy shit! The way he talks about them, I’d think they are hidden around every corner. I guess every immigrant is involved with MS13.  Yes they are a dangerous gang like many gangs. But no, they are not the biggest threat facing our nation. The biggest threat facing our nation was on TV last night. You may have heard him speaking at the State of the Union Address.  He rolls with a psychotic gang called RU+GOP.

If he wanted to reduce the number deaths, he could do something about the ease of purchasing guns in our country rather than scapegoating every immigrant as an MS13 member.

Also, this is an age-old trick.  The problem with this is that you can apply it to anything.  Chinese, black people, Jews, gays.  Let’s do Jews.

  1. I propose we deport all Jews from the U.S.
  2.  Then I take a list of 100 people who have died as a result of Jewish criminals. A Jewish man murdered a woman and stole her purse.  A Jew was drinking while driving and killed an old lady. A Jew beat a man to death. A Jew raped a child.
  3. Now I grab a few parents or loved ones who lost people as a result of these crimes. These family members are upset, not thinking rationally and would do anything to get their children, mothers, siblings back and desperately want an answer or scapegoat. PERFECT.
  4. I display these loved ones publicly to garner support and shame those who do not support my agenda.
  5. Now,  if we deported all the Jews like I originally wanted to, these 100 victims would still be alive today. Can’t argue with this flawless reasoning. Let us start our Jewish ethnic cleansi… uh I mean… happy peaceful removal program. 🙂

Logically I am correct. If I got rid of all Jewish people, then any person who was a victim of a Jewish criminal would still be alive.

Problem:  You can apply this logic to anything and anybody you want to use as a scapegoat in order to push your agenda.  Black people? Whites? Gays? Jews? Mexicans?  Liberals? Republicans? People who wear socks and sandals (but you guys really do need to leave the fucking country!)

Fox news does this every time. They are notorious for this! I’ve lost count of how many times I switch to them out of a hidden desire for self-harm only to see them interview a mother on tv who lost her daughter to an (immigrant)  drunk driver while ignoring all the deaths caused by Americans.

.  Image result for Anecdotal evidence meme


To the Victims of MS13

One last thing.  I have nothing against those who lost family members to gang violence. I feel for you. I know you are being used by Trump to push his agenda when he parades you in front of a crowd.  My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones to gangs like MS13.

But if you have recently lost a son, daughter or other loved one to this ruthless gang, I just want to tell you…. Now is not the time to talk about it. But I’ll send you my thoughts and prayers.









  1. He is just so narcissistic that he believes if he said it, it automatically becomes true. When you try to prove him wrong, he declares fake news. People still follow him devotedly. Mostly country rednecks who think he is so great because they got an extra dollar on their paycheck. Now they can buy another beer,

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    1. He’s not just narcissistic but dangerous. And his declaration of fake news (war on the free press) leads to this . Once the free press is gone, there won’t be anyone left to hold his feet to the fire, except Fox News to dictate whatever propaganda he wants them to. And those voting for him to get that extra dollar and beer ironically need the services that he is cutting the most. But as LBJ said himself, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

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  2. Not counting the assorted mobs, gangs have been in the US for decades. Centuries if you count political parties, which I do. Selecting one of many to remove only creates an opportunity for the remaining to battle over the opening. Remember, power vacuums get filled one way or another. Trump has carried on his daddy’s legacy of crapping all over this country and now the place reeks. He’s desperate to cover his mess only there’s nothing left.

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