My Blog Shutdown – I Mean It. I’ll Fucking Do It!

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When I started blogging, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to reach people. I know I’m no Frederick Douglas (who I’m assuming has been a popular blogger lately), but  I thought that if I start blogging, maybe somewhere, somehow, my words may make an impact on somebody out there.

I may be a new blogger. And yes, I only have a few followers. I may not have as many “likes” as some of the more “popular” bloggers. But if there is one thing I learned last year it’s that the popular vote means nothing.

And if you eliminate all the illegal immigrants and dead people who follow other bloggers than technically,   I have the highest number of followers in the history of all bloggers EVER.  PERIOD!

But one thing is for certain.

This blog is in danger of being closed.

Here is why:

I love science,  the scientific method, evidence based practice, data analysis.  Seriously give me an Excel spreadsheet to analyze and devleop and I’m in heaven.  I’m a very data driven , fact based, and analytic person.

You could say I’m very  Left Brained.


But I’m also a very cynical, sarcastic, emotionally unstable and an extremely angry individual. I mean for fucks sake, my avatar is a frowny face with a middle finger. Most of my posts are angry rants. I can’t finish a paragrah without fucking saying the word fuck.

So in a way, I’m also Right Brained.


This confuses me. You could say my left brain and right brain are always in a constant war. The left and right are just too drastically different to get along.

Because of my left brain, when I blog I  want to point out rational, scientific, and factual evidence based information in a coherent structured way.

But then my right brain kicks in. Because of my right brain, my blog often just turns into an emotionally unstable angry barely coherent rant. As a result, I end up just becoming a “whiny little bitch.

I just can’t go on like this!

So as a result:

I am officially shutting down my blog. 




Actually, I was just thinking. You know, maybe I didn’t think this whole thing through rationally. Sometimes, I write without thinking.  After all, I haven’t been blogging that long. I don’t always think about the impact of my words.  Which is why, I am happy to announce that my blog shutdown is finally over. I know it’s been a tough 5 seconds but we all got through it.  I will be posting more material and will not be shutting down my blog….


Which is what I’d like to say except for the fact that I really am shutting down my blog and closing my entire account. I just can’t go on writing. This is absolutely ridiculo…. actually while in the middle of that sentence I changed my mind again and decided I will Not shut down this blog…

is exactly the sentence I was planning to type if I would not be shutting down my blog. However, I just decided that I  actually  WILL shut down my blog after all.


Yes, I will stop blogging. This blog is now officially shut down……


until tomorrow at which point I will reopen it again.



Feel free to comment below while my blog is still open ….

before the next inevitable shutdown 3 weeks from now.



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