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Ethan gets his allowance electronically. Meaning instead of giving him cash, I just tell him how much I gave him this month. Then I budget that specific amount into the allowance category into the budgeting software or spreadsheet when allocating our budget. When Ethan wants to buy something, he just asks “How much do I have?” and if he has enough, he has me buy him what he wants on amazon for that amount or at a local store. At that point I remove that amount from the budget category “Ethan’s Allowance.”   So when Ethan comes across any money, instead of just keeping it, he hands it to me and tells me to put it in the bank for him. I don’t think he realizes that our bank is an online credit union based in a state almost 1,000 miles away and our local bank is rarely used.

He also doesn’t believe in fairy tales. When his baby teeth would fall out, he expected cash under the pillow and knew EXACTLY where that money came from. Next day, he’d hand me the money and say “Dad, deposit this for me.”

So earlier this evening, I don’t know where he got this from but…..









Here take this.  On your way home from work tomorrow, deposit this in the bank for me.

(Then he places this in my hand).







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