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Dad, do you know about the Trojan Wa?



Yes son I do.



What was the Trojan War.



That’s a good question.  The Trojan War started a number of years ago. It all happened when the Trojan brand condom manufacturing company wanted to differentiate itself from other condoms and make itself more attractive to men and women so people would by their product.



Trojan touted itself as a trusted brand. A household name you could trust that would protect against pregnancy and std’s. There’s one brand you can trust for many years and that brand is Trojan condoms.



You sure this is the Trojan War? Because…



The thing is,  guys don’t like wearing condoms. They just don’t feel good for men. And women don’t always like it either. Even though it’s often times necessary. So as a result other brands started coming out with their own style of condoms.



Durex said “We’re better than Trojan.”  Not only did they offer protection but they had ultra thin condoms for better feeling.  Ultra smooth, ultra thin.  Lifestyle condoms  had their own variations of ultra thin condoms, or extra ribbed condoms, etc.



So of course Trojan kicked back and came up with their variety. Ribbed condoms and thin condoms, and various assortment to compete for the market share. So as a result there are many different style of condoms out there even though none are perfect. But they are needed nonetheless. So always use a condom even if it doesn’t always feel that great.



And that is how the Trojan War happened?



Yes. That is how the Trojan War happened.






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