Ethan’s Birthday – Ethan’s World

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Today is Ethan’s Birthday.

On his birthday, just like every year, he got to dictate exactly what we were to do to his EXACT specification. He chose his birthday present. He decided where we will take him for his birthday – Wendy’s (the year before that was Panera Bread).  Then we go to Levy Park (he already checked the weather report on his cell phone to determine the PRECISE  time to go so that the weather is optimal.

Then we go to the store so he picks out the exact cake for his birthday. He already had me go and buy the exact candle earlier.  He is to have steak for dinner to his specifications. He didn’t ask for a greeting card today. Last year we had to make him one.  However, he pulled a surprise on me. Yesterday he said “Dad, did you get me a greeting card?” I said “You didn’t ask me for one this time!”. He replied “Oh. That’s ok. You don’t have to get me one… but it will be nice if you do. Just saying.”

Furthermore,  later today, I have to then play video games with him.   Then last but certainly not least, this morning our son informed us that later tonight my wife and I must sit around the table and pay compliments to our “Trump” er… son, Ethan. We are to praise him, tell him why we think he is wonderful, and what we love about him the most.



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