Great Without Religion – Ethan’s World

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This happened when Ethan was 7 years old. I know the photo is of him when he is older. Just use your imagination.


Ethan, I’m going to read you a child’s book describing different children and the different religions that they have.   It’s called “Great Without Religion.”




“Kareem – is a Muslim and his god’s name is Allah…. religion is strict. Must pray 5 times a day… Boys are better than girls… can’t eat hot dogs or god will be angry”

“Hema is Buddhist, non violent…cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth. After you die can come back as a cow or worm depending on how nice you are in life.”

“Michael is Christian. He believes his god created the world in 7 days. Scientists are wrong about evolution. Gods tells them him right from wrong.”


” Now John. John is a special case.  John is in a cult. Cult leaders promise good things if you do what they say. Many people who join a cult aren’t very educated, or are hopeless and looking for answers. What little money their followers have, they give away to their leaders. People in cults live in fear that if they do not do what their leader says, god or their leader will be angry and…..”




WAIT!  So how is this different then the other 3 religions?







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