About Me

Cynical Sarcastic Prick. My Shtick. Political views. The news. What grinds my gears. My hopes. My fears. Talks with my son and how he makes me feel dumb.

Welcome to Rudeboy’s world.  I have been described as a smart mouthed, witty,  cynical, sarcastic asshole. I grew up in Brooklyn and moved to Houston with my wife and son. I’m a shameless scientific skeptic and Atheist. What is scientific skepticism you may ask?

Well, it is defined as the application of skeptical philosophycritical thinking skills, and knowledge of science and its methods to empirical claims, while  remaining agnostic or neutral to non-empirical claims (except those that directly impact the practice of science).  In plain English it means “I don’t believe in bullshit.”

You’re probably thinking “Yeah. I agree with you.  I don’t believe in bullshit either.”  However, you will very likely realize eventually that I don’t believe in YOUR bullshit either. You don’t get to pick and choose which fiction is yours to keep. That is called special pleading.

I love GMO, Monsanto, responsible use of efficient and clean energy including nuclear. Climate change is real. It is not a Chinese hoax. Russia interfered with our elections. Organic food is bullshit.  Alternative medicine is bullshit because if it worked, it would just be called “medicine”.  Vaccines don’t cause autism.  If you haven’t been diagnosed with Celiac disease by an MD, then you don’t need to eat gluten free products. Gluten isn’t harmful to you.    The things mentioned above are not subjective. They are not opinion. They are not disputable. You are not entitled to make up your own facts.

Also, Homeopathic medicine is a fraud. (That is a fact). Those who sell this garbage should be imprisoned for endanger people’s lives. (That is my opinion.)


Some of my posts are of a serious nature.   Most of my posts – even the serious ones are sarcastic and satirical.   Some deal with political and social issues.  Some are just rants about every day shit I go through. Some things may be humorous conversations I have with others as well as my son.  The funny and strange conversations I have with my son are labeled as “Ethan’s Word”.  They seem to be a favorite of others for some reason.